Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Birchbox Review: August 2011

One word: Disappointed
I basically signed up for Birchbox for more makeup samples. I always use pretty much everything I get from the Birchbox but for some reason I just didn't care for most of these items. This is to the point where I unsubscribed. I'd rather go with a subscription service where I can use the items and the past year of watching YouTube I have been jealous of the New Beauty Testtubes and the quality of samples that you get from it. Sooooo, I unsubscribed to Birchbox and subscribed to the New Beauty Testtube. 

1.) N4 Volumizing Shampoo & Conditioning Masque ( eh, not bad and its paraben free)
2.) Befine night cream & exfoliating cleanser (lotion smells odd)
3.) 2 x Tocca SPF 30+ sunscreen towelettes ( works)
4.) Stila tinted moisturizer spf30 - medium shade (works well)
Extra) hair tie ( ugh, really? Nothing fancy or special or nice about it)

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Cetaphil facial products Review

I was looking for a daily facial regime and research these products online since I have combination normal/oily skin. These worked for a while but I didn't see any dramatic results after 2 months.
Gentle Skin Cleanser- soft feeling on skin but nothing spectacular
Daily facial cleanser- has an alcohol type smell and stung my eyes
Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 15- worked well out of all the moisturizer
Moisturizing Cream- so extremely thick and oily! I now use it for my sons exzema. Definitely wonderful for extremely dry patches in body.
Moisturizing lotion- worked ok but nothing spectacular

Overall, this line did not work for me.