Sunday, July 31, 2011

Nail Polish Review: Essie Coat Azure

Essie- Coat Azure
I did two coats and this color is fabulous! It's a very nice sky blue. I bought it at Target in the clearance section for $3.99!! Deal!

Clairisonic Mia Review

My opinion in the first few days of using the Clairisonic was WOW. I used it along with my husband and we were both very impressed at how our faces looked and felt after washing. I was using the Clairisonic with the Clairisonic cleanser and it just polished my face like no other. I have been using the Clairisonic for about 5 months now and I'm absolutely obsessed. I only use it in the evening because I was finding that my skin was beginning to feel raw from using twice a day. It works like a charm! I recommend the Clairisonic to everyone.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Makeup Idea: The Blues

MAC painterly pot
Rock & Republic electric e/s
MAC night owl e/s
Tarte lights camera lashes!
Urban Decay virgin e/s
Urban Decay buck e/s
MAC mineralized skinfinish soft and gentle
NYX jumbo eye pencil milk, electric blue
MAC prep & prime lash
MAC engraved PowerPoint eyeliner

Hairstyle Ideas: Part 5

Hairstyle Ideas: Part 4

Hairstyle Idea: Part 3

Hairstyle Ideas: Part 2

Hairstyle Ideas: Part 1

Hairstyle Idea: Simple pinned braid

What you'll need:
Small clip/ flower
Steps to achieve this look:
1. Take a section of front hair & braid about halfway
2. Secure with rubberband
3. Pin to the back of hair with flower or clip.
Optional: tease hair to achieve volume

SIMPLE, CUTE, and partly out of your face.

Nail Look: Nude Zebra

Star dune- Nail lacquer Aldo accessories
Pearl white- Kiss brush on nail art
OPI base & top coat

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hairstyle Idea: Milkmaid braid n Pony

What you'll need:
2- small elastics hairties
1- hairtie
4- bobbypins
Steps to achieve this look:
1. Part hair half up and part in the middle.
2. Braid one side beginning from the front side bang area (repeat) and secure each with a bobbypins
2. Tie all hair down, bun, etc.

Nail Look: Pandora Chocolate

Pandora- Zoya
Haute Chocolate- Sally Hansen Salon

I've been liking the odd look alot where one nail on each hand is painted a different color. I would've used black fir the odd color but mine spilled. :(

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Birchbox Review: July 2011 Cynthia Rowley

This is my 2nd Birchbox so far. I was pretty impressed by last months box that I decided to continue my $10/month subscription just in case they got even better!

1. Philosophy purity one step facial cleanser ( already tried it and it was ok but wasn't anything special)
2. Nuxe oil repair (what?!)
3. Redken shine flash spray (smells like oranges and does add a bit o shine)
4. Zoya nail polish- Paranoia ( I've been wanting to try out Zoya polishes)
5. Kind bar- Almonds & apricots ( I've been wanting to try this)

Friday, July 08, 2011

Review: MAC Lightful Collection

First of all, let's say HOLY "MACaroni" did MAC do a fabulous job on this collection or what?! After a year of searching high and low for a facial regime I finally found a product that works for me and does WONDERS might I add. Although this collection is only sold in pro MAC stores I managed to make my way to get some samples of the whole line. I've been an avid buyer in Sephora and nothing I tried was working.
Basically, I tried it, absolutely loved it, and just had to buy it. I only bought:
-Foaming Creme Cleanser $24
-Charged Essence Serum $40
-Deep UltraMoisture Creme $38

I figured I can save some $ by not buying the Active Softening Lotion $30 a.k.a. toner since I use my Clairasonic nightly.

I totally recommend that you try this line out. Ask for a sample at MAC and see if it works for you!!!

Hairstyle Idea: Half braid Updo

What you'll need:
-4 bobbypins
-3 elastic hairties

Steps to achieve this look:
1. Tease hair to your liking
2. Put hair half up with 1 elastic hairtie
3. Take rest of the hair that's down and part it
4. Braid each part and secure with an elastic
5. Take one braid up and secure with bobbypins (repeat on other side

Voula! Cute hairstyle for school, work, night out, etc.


Thursday, July 07, 2011

Nail Look: Dot nail design

Star dune- Nail lacquer Aldo accessories
White- Sally Hansen nail art pen
I originally wanted to do a zebra print with the white but it was ruining the nail polish (probably because I didn't let it dry thoroughly).

Let's give this a try...

I've been wanting to do something like this for a while now. I search the web through YouTube, google, etc. for particular reviews but sometimes I just can't find exactly what I'm looking for. Sometimes I have information for others on products that I want to share. I tried the YouTube video route but I'm so camera shy and don't like how I look in them either :)
Here I am today, starting something I'm not sure what will become of it. We'll see!