Friday, July 08, 2011

Review: MAC Lightful Collection

First of all, let's say HOLY "MACaroni" did MAC do a fabulous job on this collection or what?! After a year of searching high and low for a facial regime I finally found a product that works for me and does WONDERS might I add. Although this collection is only sold in pro MAC stores I managed to make my way to get some samples of the whole line. I've been an avid buyer in Sephora and nothing I tried was working.
Basically, I tried it, absolutely loved it, and just had to buy it. I only bought:
-Foaming Creme Cleanser $24
-Charged Essence Serum $40
-Deep UltraMoisture Creme $38

I figured I can save some $ by not buying the Active Softening Lotion $30 a.k.a. toner since I use my Clairasonic nightly.

I totally recommend that you try this line out. Ask for a sample at MAC and see if it works for you!!!

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